Saturday, May 16, 2020

Frank Bielec, Designer on TLC’s ‘Trading Spaces,’ Dies at 72

Frank Bielec, one of the original designers on TLC’s home improvement show “Trading Spaces,” died of a heart attack at age 72. "A very sad day for the TLC family as we learn of the passing of beloved ‘Trading Spaces’ designer Frank Bielec," the TV network said in a statement. "We will miss remember him fondly, his quirky style and wonderful sense of humor. We share our love and condolences with the entire Bielec family at this difficult time. We love you Frank!" He, unlike his design aesthetic, will be missed. RIP.


edmcan said...

This is cheap and mean spirited, Kenneth. I didn't like his designs either, but he's dead for God's sake and you're publishing his obituary with a snotty mean girls comment.

Hot guys said...


Btw, how sassy... 😏🔥

James Dwight Williamson said...

Who watches this stuff?