Monday, April 27, 2020

Weekend Tennis Roundup

The pandemic has the ATP and WTA seriously considering merging. I don't know enough about the ins and outs of the business of the sport. But something tells me the added power the women might gain by combining will ultimately backfire -- suddenly rendering them small(er) fish in a big(ger) pond. (Perhaps the reaction Roger Federer's tweet about the idea shows best why it hasn't happened.) In he meantime, still lots of other "tennis" news to share ...

I mean, Jesus Christ: Has there ever been a more beautiful man?

Guido works out ...

so he can look like ...


I'm more interested in THIS SET UP!

Tommy Paul delivers the goods from behind. The young American has packed on a "COVID 25."

I want Vasek's shirt ...

or his body

Dominic Thiem, seen with Austrian great Juergen Melzer, got into a bit of hot water for shitting all over Novak Djokovic's plan to give money to lower-ranked players. Thiem does realize his brother, Moritz, and rumored ex Rico Bellotti are part of that lower tier, right?

Andy Seppi is about as optimistic as I am!

Looks like Christian Harrison and Cesar Ramirez's relationship is back on track 

The Sarasota tourism board needs to recruit these two.

But how does one practice social distancing traveling from state to state?

Packers fan Marton Fucsovics has been busy on social media, looking HOTTER THAN EVER.

What do you know, Liam Broady's got a HOT BROTHER.

Wishing people a happy Earth Day was about the only noncontroversial thing Novak Djokovic has said in a few weeks.

Alex Zverev's body is better than his tennis. 

Benjamin Lock has hot friends

Follow HERE.

Stefanos Tsitsipas's hair inches closer to full-blown Frieda status.

Did you ever notice ... that everyone wants Benoit Paire's approval?

It must be that blase French attitude that drives 'em wild.

Wait a minute. Was this Robert Farah's mustache's last hurrah?

Celebrating doubles partner Juan Sebastian Cabal's 34th birthday

Kyle displays his brute upper body strength HERE.

And lastly, is this the best reason to withdraw from a "tournament"?

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Scott said...

Borna is lovely Saw him in Zadar from, like 3rd row during the Davis Cup 2018.