Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Jimmy Webb, Beloved Rock 'n' Roll Stylist and Downtown Boutique Owner, Is Dead at 62

Sad to read about the passing of Jimmy Webb, who became a fixture in New York City's rock 'n' roll scene as a salesmen, buyer and stylist at Trash & Vaudeville before opening his own boutique, I Need More, on the Lower East Side. Webb, who famously said, “It’s not rock and roll if your pants don’t hurt,” was 62 and had been battling cancer. Damian and I had just seen him at Debbie Harry's book event at Town Hall, looking alive and well, carrying a big bouquet of flowers for the Blondie babe. 

"We are all going to miss our wonderful friend Jimmy Webb," Harry told the New York Post. "There goes a lovely unique NYC character. I feel lucky to have known him."

In 2013, Jimmy was featured in The New York Times, where he discussed running away to the city at 16 after hearing Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side." But a 20-year heroin addiction eventually landed him living in Tompkins Square Park before he got clean and wrote to Trash & Vaudeville owner Ray Goodman asking for a job. It turned out to be his "healthy addiction." More recently, he was featured in The New York Times when the store moved from its famed location on St. Marks Place. Read HERE.

EV Grieve notes that just two months ago, Jimmy's boutique hosted a “Footprints in February” celebration, in which Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop put their handprints, footprints and autographs in concrete on the floor of I Need More, named after the Iggy song. Duff McKagan, David Johansen and Henry Rollins were among those in attendance. 

Rollins told the Post he remembers on at least one occasion, not long ago, he played Buffalo and an ailing Webb took the train up to surprise him backstage. “He traveled four hours and came in with a bouquet of flowers,” Rollins recounted. “He said he just wanted to see me. That was a total Jimmy move. We put the flowers on the tour bus and hoped they wouldn’t get knocked over when we pulled out of a truck stop. Jimmy Webb was one of the sweetest human beings I ever met.” 


My friend Scooter LaForge remembers his friend:

REST IN ROCK.  I lost a good friend.  We lost part of an era.  Jimmy Webb represented something that was way bigger than himself.  A huge piece of NYC history is gone but, not forgotten.  The spiky beautiful bleached blond hair, the silver custom jewelry and the tight leather pants.  Forever cool and forever an ICON.

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