Sunday, April 05, 2020

Homo and Garden

Fun observation from LGBTQ journalism legend Hank Plante:
Now that TV reporters are broadcasting from their homes, I think the gay ones could teach the straight ones about home decor. Al Roker in his suburban kitchen and Chris Cuomo in his beige basement seem boring. Especially compared to ABC's James Longman in the modern London house that he shares with his boyfriend. Or Anderson Cooper in the Greenwich Village firehouse that he turned into a townhouse. (And yes, I have way too much free time.)

But is that Picasso?

Not pictured: His RIPPED body.

There's gotta be a HOME GYM in there somewhere! 

UPDATE: Did I speak too soon?

My friend Jim writes: 

He's not gay, but CNBC's David Faber is teaching us all a lesson on home decor.


Maybe not. Poor (straight) Jeremy Bash really needs to come out of this closet.


Hot guys said...

"the gay ones could teach the straight ones about home decor."

Ain't that the truth...

Anonymous said...

So let's broach the subject of the prerequisite bookcase as a background...And poor lighting and sound...Come on guys you are working with television producers...I am sure they can give some pointers to put one in the best light and sound great...I do say David Faber has a great home and backdrop...