Friday, April 24, 2020

12 Things Donald Trump Is Not Sarcastic About

No, Donald Trump was not being sarcastic when he suggested people inject disinfectants into their bodies, an idea that could result in death. And his BS cover story also doesn't even help: What a great time to be joking when people are dying by the thousands (actual sarcasm).

Activist Andy Humm wasn't amused either, and came up with this handy reminder.

12 things the Donald Trump  IS NOT sarcastic about:

1) the Lysol and hydrocholorquine cures;
2) ending abortion rights;
3) voter suppression;
4) curtailing the rights of people of color, women, and LGBTQ people;
5) ending environmental protections;
6) separating immigrant families;
7) shutting down the U.S. Postal Service;
8) raping women;
9) saddling young people with onerous college debt;
10) propping up polluting industries;
11) stacking the federal courts with unqualified right-wing reactionaries;
12) overturning the Affordable Care Act in court.

12 things Donald Trump IS sarcastic about:

1) making America great again;
2) stopping coronavirus from destroying our people and our economy;
3) testing;
4) repairing the aging US infrastructure;
5) getting you better health insurance than you've ever had;
6) covering preexisting conditions;
7) reading his bible (he is a devout reader of Hitler's speeches according to his first wife);
8) the state of his health;
9) his golf prowess;
10) his sexual prowess;
11) diplomacy;
12) you.

Takes me back to another desperate time that also didn't need idiots blurting things out. Were they also being "sarcastic"? 

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