Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Super Joe to the Rescue

‪I can finally breathe. Joe just needs to pick a smart running mate, maybe hint that he’ll only do one term, and I think we have a good chance in November. In the meantime I have to wonder if the Biden campaign was a rom-com in the making, with Obama’s wingman  being the perfect candidate for us who was right there all along.

(Can you imagine having a State Department again? And a Justice Department? And dignity?)

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders 2020 is starting to remind me a lot of Ross Perot in 1996. He still has his loyalists. But I just sensed there weren't nearly as many of them this time around. And all those new voters he was supposed to bring in? It hasn't happened.

Ezra Klein brilliantly addresses a fundamental flaw in the Sanders campaign, brought to light most recently in a now-deleted tweet by kooky Marianne Williamson.

Looking forward:

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