Monday, March 09, 2020

Indian Wells Canceled Because of Coronavirus Outbreak

Wow, this is really something. In probably the biggest tennis news in ages, Indian Wells -- tennis's biggest non-Slam event -- has been canceled over coronavirus concerns. Although it technically affects everyone equally, players who did well last year will be taking huge hits to their rankings with no way to defend points. What makes this whole thing so frightening is that our "president" continues to treat the outbreak like a PR crisis rather than a public-health crisis -- and constantly gets in the way of people who can actually help. I guess the only positive about this is that the tournament's owner, Oracle CEO and Trump supporter Larry  Ellison, will take a huge financial hit. 

Tournament director Tommy Haas issued a statement saying: "No one wanted this tournament to happen more than me. To all the fans, players, and everyone involved with the tournament, please know how disappointed we are that it will not take place. At the end of the day, health and safety was our top priority."

Another bummer: Top men were planning to play doubles with fun partners! 

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Hot guys said...

Lmao at that ending... Corona's going big tho, alright!