Saturday, March 28, 2020

Capitol Bill

Mary Norris writes for The New Yorker:

“Jacqueline Dupree hosted a remembrance last week at Washington’s Congressional Cemetery for her husband, Bill Walsh, who died in 2017.”

I must say, having a complete stranger write about a dead member of your family is surreal. Can’t decide if I should send a cease-and-desist letter or a thank-you card. xo



Myk said...

That was a lovely article. Send the card.

Sean said...

Why would you send a cease and desist notice?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Sean: just kidding, of course. But as well as touching it did feel slightly violating to have this sacred spot written for all to read about, by someone I have never met. The event was ostensibly private too, so it caught some off guard.