Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Politics of Dating

Nicole Najafi went out with every presidential candidate so you don’t have to ...

Read them all HERE.


Myk said...

The Buttigieg one is hilarious.

barryearle said...

The comments about the Bernie date indicate a reliance on cliches about Jews: cheap and loud. I'm not sure I agree since the writer hits stereotypes about all the candidates. But it did stop and made me think since the others' stereotypes were superficial, character traits. Bernie's were cultural.

Not Feeling the Bern said...

I am certain that I cannot vote for Bernie, let's get ready for another four years of President Orange.

WilD said...

Pete Buttigieg
He takes you to an Afghan restaurant and
orders the entire meal in Dari. A man of
color walks by and he says "wassup my
brotha!" You say "fo' shizzle" and mistakenly
give the devil sign instead of the hang-ten
sign. You both leave the emergency room
at five A.M.