Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Page 1 Roundup (01/29)

If you're turned off by nutty Jonathan Chait, above, try this:

David Frum: Bernie can't wait


Jack said...

David Sedaris' article about his sister Amy was brilliant.

ATANNER said...

I was laughing at the fear based hit piece on Bernie by Jonathan Chait but then I saw this comment to the article which articulated it better than I could:

"Beware those who have gotten it consistently wrong and their motives.
Jonathan Chait is a war mongering, neo-liberal (he even wrote a piece in 2007 entitled, “We Can’t Surrender to the Doves”), who not only supported the Iraq war but was a cheerleader for it, and his wife is a leading pro charter school advocate, putting her on the same side as education as Trump’s Betsy Devos. So, Chait's ridiculous hit piece on Bernie Sanders comes as no surprise to me. Jonathan was all wrong on Iraq and 2016 so why should anyone listen to him when he outright lies about what reforms the American people support? The majority of Americans support Medicare for All and that goes up when it is explained fully and truthfully. Bernie was right on Iraq/war and continues to be right on all the major issues no matter how hard establishment hacks like Chait attempt to twist the facts."

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@ATANNER: Yes, it is a case of "consider the source." But it's also a case of "even a broken clock is right twice a day"!

Blobby said...

I honestly wasn't an Alda fan until he was in Woody Allen's "Crimes & Misdemeanors" and "Manhattan Murder Mystery". I found him funny in the first 2-3 years of 'MASH', but the rest of his time on the series he was insufferable. But he redeemed himself with some of his movies and his series regular on the last season of the West Wing.