Thursday, December 12, 2019

Remains of the Day (12/12)

The Daily Beast: “Hart to Hart” star Stefanie Powers -- in New York starring in an off-Broadway play -- talks about fame, surviving cancer, her love for William Holden and the mystery of Natalie Wood’s death

AmericaBlog: Pete Buttigieg is a bad gay? Here we go again.

AxiosSenate passes Armenian genocide bill in move likely to infuriate Turkey

Metrograph: Dionne Warwick will be interviewed by legendary promoter Chip Duckett before a screening of "Valley of the Dolls" in NYC on Dec. 15

ABC News: Notice that Democrats are willing to approve Trump nominees who are not crackpots whose mission in life is to dismantle the agency they were nominated to run?

Towleroad: Thanks, Bernie Bros. (This one's the virulently anti-gay creep who started SOBBING when confronted about his past.)

Metro WeeklyKentucky GOP wants to bar transgender students from restrooms matching their gender identity

Page Six: Sarah Jessica Parker shares pics of young Andy Cohen on "Sex and the City"

The Guardian: Senate committee passes bipartisan bill to stop Trump withdrawing from NATO

BBC"Our parents ran a secret gay porn empire"

GQ: Every Best Picture nominee of the 2010s, ranked

WWDEditors of Out and the Advocate, Pride Media CEO, step down simultaneously amid financial turmoil

The Daily News"Insecure" creator Issa Rae opens coffee shop in Inglewood neighborhood where HBO series is set

Jennifer Finney Boyland"Rudolph," the queerest holiday special

VimeoIf you missed legendary activist David Mixner's farewell performance, "You Make Me Sick," you can now watch it in its entirety online!

Hot Cat of the Day: Would kill to play a game with this cutie!

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jaragon said...

The evil white gay male syndrome seems to have gotten out of hand