Friday, December 06, 2019

Remains of the Day (12/06)

WSJ: Showtime's "Work in Progress" exists mostly within an LGBTQ galaxy, but its universe will be familiar to everyone

Peter Staley: Why I'm not one of those gays who think Buttigieg isn't their kind of gay

Turtle Boy Sports: Ever get a load of the 18-year-old who accused -- then dropped the case against -- Kevin Spacey of groping him?

Instagram: Diego in sweater, tighty whities

Boy Culture: Hillary Clinton on brain-snatch victim Lindsey Graham

The Washington Post: "Sesame Street" taught the world how to be nice. It’s still at it, if you need a refresher.

Baseline: Unranked tennis player Jack Sock got engaged

The WoW ReportHarvard acquires drag icon Joey Arias's archive

The Randy ReportVeterans group endorses Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who stuck his foot in his mouth about deficits

Towleroad: Biden ad shows world leaders laughing at "dangerously incompetent" Trump

THRDarlene Love slams "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" producers for snubbing her

BosGuy: You say you like 'em furry?

The Daily Beast: Broadway's “Jagged Little Pill” uses songs from Alanis Morissette’s 1995 album to furnish a family saga of addiction, sexuality, race, and so much more

Greg in Hollywood: Van Hansis says "EastSiders" made his rom-com dreams come true

Dlisted: Hot slut of the day -- Merlin

Hot Cat of the Day: If only all accommodations had courtesy cats. It's my No. 1 complaint when I travel!


barryearle said...

Why do every one of the Instagram sites of the hunky guys you showcase always have among all their pictures of their nearly naked bodies in poses that are major provocative at least one photo of them with a girl. Beards, maybe?

jaragon said...

The Instagram studs like to tease- they are selling a fantasy and they know their target audience