Thursday, December 05, 2019

Remains of the Day (12/05)

International Jock: The second coming of UnderGear?

Twitter: Not everyone approves of Dominic Thiem's new frosted locks

The Film Experience: We like the suits, Mr. Bond

HuffPost: I love that the people bitching about Kamala Harris's exit are the same ones who railed against her the whole time she was running ... for having done her job

InstagramRed briefs that bulge

Brian Ferrari: "March of the Wooden Soldiers": 10 thing you may not know about the classic film

Deadline: GOP hack Devin Nunes, co-sponsor of the "Discouraging Fivolous Lawsuits Act," strikes again

BosGuyDeep throat?

Edward GrantHot Middle Eastern model alert

Towleroad: Bill Barr warns "communities" that don't respect police "might find themselves without the protection they need"

Tennis Life: Doubles specialist Roberto Maytin struck with testicular cancer (ICYMI)

CNNFact check: Trump makes at least 21 false claims at NATO gathering, which he was laughed out of

TV Line: Woody Harrelson, Justin Theroux to star in HBO Watergate miniseries

Greg in HollywoodJeff Bridges was once the most beautiful man alive

The WoW Report: Single gay man adopts baby girl with Down Syndrome who was rejected by 20 families

Hot Cat of the Day: Moms get stuff done.

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