Monday, December 02, 2019

Remains of the Day (12/02)

New York Post: "Perineum sunning" is latest insanity wellness influencers swear by

The Daily Beast: Lisa Page speaks: "There’s no fathomable way I have committed any crime at all"

Instagram: Ryan Lochte doing V-ups in a pink Speedo

HuffPost: Three teenage boys plead guilty to attack on lesbian couple in London

USA Today: All the proof in the world that Darwinsim is true

NBC News: Meet the "radical gay doctor" behind NYC's falling HIV rate

Business Week: Democratic strategist Tara McGowan’s Courier Newsroom is out to counter the right-wing echo chamber with a dose of hypertargeted “hometown news”

Back2Stonewall: Watch Bette Midler, who turned 74 yesterday, in her final performance at the Continental Baths

THR: Howard Cruse, pioneering gay cartoonist, dies at 75

Return to Now: Who wants a three-foot avocado?

Washington Post: This Edward Hopper exhibition on hotels is worth an extended stay

Boy Culture: Have I died and gone to manspread heaven?

CBS: Study shows "Secret Santa" causes too much anxiety for some working millennials

Jim Koury: Diversity Rules magazine endorses Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president of the United States

Yahoo: Gillum sets sights on denying Trump victory in Florida in 2020

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