Monday, November 18, 2019

Remains of the Day (11/18)

The Stranger: Anatomy of online outrage: Northwestern edition

Gr8er Days: Rock Hudson used to be REALLY hot

Washington Post: A pair of Arkansas chemistry professors are accused of cooking meth in a school lab

Towleroad: Colby Jansen plays "Daddy" to a twink hook-up in the short film "Matt"

Back2Stonewall: John Lawrence arrested in his own home for having gay sex in 1998, setting the stage for Lawrence vs. Texas

The Wall Street Journal: The struggle to grow a beard is real -- so men are faking it (ICYMI)

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Blobby said...

It's great Richard Morgan let his rapist slide on any charges, so he can be free to rape again. In theory I get the rationale, in reality, some guy before Morgan did the same thing (most likely) and he's just paying it forward?