Monday, November 18, 2019

Remains of the Day (11/18)

The Stranger: Anatomy of online outrage: Northwestern edition

Gr8er Days: Rock Hudson used to be REALLY hot

Washington Post: A pair of Arkansas chemistry professors are accused of cooking meth in a school lab

Towleroad: Colby Jansen plays "Daddy" to a twink hook-up in the short film "Matt"

Back2Stonewall: John Lawrence arrested in his own home for having gay sex in 1998, setting the stage for Lawrence vs. Texas

The Wall Street Journal: The struggle to grow a beard is real -- so men are faking it (ICYMI)


Blobby said...

It's great Richard Morgan let his rapist slide on any charges, so he can be free to rape again. In theory I get the rationale, in reality, some guy before Morgan did the same thing (most likely) and he's just paying it forward?

jaragon said...

Richard Morgan's article is very powerful but if he had prove of the rape he should have reported the guy to the police. Men both gay and straight are ashamed to report such a crime