Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Song of the Day: 'He Could Be the One' by Josie Cotton

Nice interview with Josie Cotton, who says in addition to her fun new single -- the fortuitously named "Ukrainian Cowboy" -- she is releasing a "lost" album that turns out to be what would have been her third LP had Elektra not dropped her.
For years I thought [the masters] were lost in any number of natural catastrophes that happened. There was a landslide, an earthquake There was a fire. I also kept moving and I thought they were either destroyed or lost along the way. Didn’t really think about it .I just kept making records. But recently when I signed with Red Queen, my publishing company, they were looking for material for "Stranger Things" who wanted music from the mid-'80s that had never been released, which was an odd request. So [producer] Paul Roessler and I decided to tear our studio apart in the off chance they had gotten moved from our other studio. He found them in the rafters of this leaky old building so we didn’t know if these two-inch, 24-track tapes were still usable. Amazingly they had survived everything. We just remixed it and tried to keep it true to the era not modernize it all. It’s a real time warp.
Dying! As much as I enjoy new albums from my "legacy" faves, it's so much more exciting to be getting a new album from one of them that was recorded in their heyday. This has happened to me at least twice before -- "Apocalypso" by the Motels and "Let's Change the World with Music" by Prefab Sprout -- and now "Everything Is Oh Yeah" from Josie. If it's anything like her "Convertible Music" debut -- which featured one of the era's biggest should've been hits (below) -- or the brilliant "From the Hip" followup, it should be good fun.


I know where I'd be Saturday if I still lived in Los Angeles!

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