Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Remains of the Day (10/02)

KIT212: I've fleshed out my Debbie Harry book Q&A post

Instagram: With an ass like that, he was kinda asking for it

The Times: Trump also asked Boris Johnson to help discredit Mueller inquiry, something no one wants done more than ... Vladimir Putin

Yahoo: If I were going to perv on someone it would have been Sousa

Dlisted: Open post hosted by the catering cart from hell

Instagram: Out rugby hunk Keegan Hirst doesn't miss a workout

The Sun: Remember, no matter how rough things are for you there always someone grappling with something even bigger

The Randy Report: Trump administration tells Iowa town to remove Pride crosswalks and they refuse

Boy Culture: Hot ginger twin alert!

Metrosource: O’Connor and Ginsberg: This is the story of “Sisters in Law”

Queerty: Planet Fitness CEO has been quietly funding antigay politicians, including Trump, for years

HuffPost: Former Infowars editor says staff laughed when he asked not to lie about Sandy Hook

Variety: "Children of the Snow," the ID docuseries about the Oakland County Child Killer case that terrorized my youth, is now on Hulu / My memories HERE.

GCN: Trump administration tells religious institutions to fire away in the name of God

The Stranger: King County Council members call on Seattle Theatre Group to cancel Al Franken

Washington Blade: Supreme Court on Oct. 8 will consider trans rights for first time

Greg in Hollywood: Is this blond hunk Britain's answer to Vince Van Patten?

Towleroad: Utah lawmaker Derek Kitchen, who fought to overturn state’s gay marriage ban, is separating from his husband

Hot Cats of the Day: Talk about the best part of waking up!

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Myk said...

You're making me question my orientation, Mr. Walsh: this "dog person" really enjoys the cat videos. What's happening to me?