Monday, September 23, 2019

Remains of the Day (09/23)

ABC News: Sony releases a Walkman for its 40th anniversary 

Instagram: His royal blue briefs just made the sauna too hot

CNN: The world's first vagina museum will open in London in November

Back2Stonewall: Federal judge rules that a hate group can be called a hate group

Natalia Sylvester: The beauty of being bilingual

Socialite Life: Mark-Paul Gosselaar was never asked to do "Saved by the Bell" revival

TV Line: Sex god Tom Welling to reprise "Smallville" role on "Arrowverse' crossover

Gay City News: Ben Carson's pattern of transphobic rants

Gr8erdays: Dreamy Robert Rusler (aka Ron Grady from "A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge") is 54 

The WoW Report: Mark Ronson(?) comes out as sapiosexual 

Accidental Bear: Dating with Tourette's syndrome

Slicing Up Eyeballs: Depeche Mode to premiere concert film "Spirits in the Forest" in cinemas worldwide

People: Former conversion therapy leader who came out as a gay says he'll always "take care" of his wife (aww!)

Forbes: Debbie Harry’s new memoir traces her ties to the art world 

Greg in Hollywood: Julie Andrews will receive American Film Institute Life Achievement Award next year

Matthew's Island: A dozen male models, wet

Washington Blade: Trump tries (again) to confirm gay federal appeals judge, despite objections from Sen. Kamala Harris over his qualifications for a lifetime judicial appointment.

OMG Blog: The naked men of Spanish Netflix series "Club de Cuervos"

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Bill Carter said...

Re: Socialite Life: Mark-Paul Gosselaar was never asked to do "Saved by the Bell" revival

Word is that Dustin Diamond laid down an ultimatum, demanding that Gosselaar be banned from the show. "It's either him or me," he said. "If he's in, I'm out."

Since a SbtB without Screech is unthinkable, the producers had no choice but to agree.