Thursday, September 19, 2019

Remains of the Day (09/19)

Vulture: Bouncing from "Mindhunter" to "Little Shop of Horrors," Jonathan Groff is finally having fun

The Randy Report: Graphic PSA shows "essentials" students should have in the event of a school shooting

Twitter: Ryan Reynolds is still hot

Back2Stonewall: When Ronald Reagan finally mentioned AIDS ... after 20,849 Americans had already died

The New York Times: Looks like I wasn't the only one thrown off by Ric Ocasek's age!

Instagram: Proof that Robert Farah's ass doesn't just happen

Los Angeles Blade: Biden, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg in Iowa and HRC/CNN LGBT forums

NPR: New Mexico unveils plan to offer free college tuition

Jennifer Finney Boyland: Why the pickle became a symbol of transgender rights, and why it's not enough

KIT212: Who knew Alex Trebek had such a hot son?

Instagram: What do we think of Chris Evert's new glasses?

WGN: American fashion brand sparks outrage over school shooting-themed hoodies

EW: The untold story of "Ordinary People" (ICYMI)

Politico: Nearly 60 mayors and ex-mayors endorse Pete Buttigieg

Instinct: Little boy in viral hugging video has gay dads

Yahoo: Did Elizabeth Smart date failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams? 

Washington Post: Comedians are being hired by the hour to help dementia patients. Their goal? "A full belly laugh"

OMG Blog: This is what San Diego State's 1974 rugby team looked like naked

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