Thursday, September 12, 2019

Remains of the Day (09/12)

A&U: A generation of gay men would have given their limbs to have had access to the life-saving drugs some people with HIV wantonly refuse to take now. Does it make me angry? You’re damn right it does.

WTA: Kim Clijsters announces another comeback -- but only if she's totally ready by December (huh?)

The Daily News: NYC Council wants to repeal a ban on LGBT conversion therapy

Ad Age: Movember enlists male influencers to help other men talk about their feelings

Towleroad: Teachers, students leave high school after official email requires them to disavow same-sex relationships

The ABC: Can you control how loud you sneeze?

The New York Times: Harrowing piece about sexual assault of men in the military. Still, my friends and I are either too gay -- or too callous -- to understand exactly what constitutes "assault" in the case of Ethan. 

The Randy Report: Jack-in-the-Box employee mocks deaf customer

Metrosource: On the eve of releasing a memoir at the tender age of 29, Adam Rippon reflects on fame, Pence and his love of the limelight

Dlisted: Felicity Huffman reportedly doesn't think she should do time because "no one got hurt"

Washington Blade: Florist returns to Supreme Court for right to refuse service to gays

Boy Culture: The ageless Keanu Reeves isn’t afraid to show off his amazing body

Hot Cat of the Day: Just do what I say, owner.


Boomer said...

Ethan has a low threshold for trauma. That doesn't mean he wasn't traumatized. I wouldn't call it sexual assault though. Everyone's mileage may vary though. Also, Kansas teacher is creepy and if it was, in fact, a one-sided thing, (kid was on Grindr so hard to prove beyond a doubt) then a perv regardless of whether or not the kid was 18.

Edgar_Carpenter said...

Ethan Hanson clearly had some very negative beliefs about nudity and same-sex closeness going into the military. He was probably brought up in a fundy christian household and church, and told that nudity and gay sex were evil and bad.

I'd say he was religiously assaulted before he got into the military, and that the hazing event, stupid as it was, just triggered all that christian garbage. And yes, it's likely he got hard during it all and was convinced he'd upset his violent and vengeful god by being himself.

Definitely a case of post religious assault syndrome.

Myk said...

Pietro's posterior: Perfection!

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I never grew up in a hyper religious family. I cannot imagine what that must be like. Hating yourself for social norms is one thing, but next level religious hating yourself is so much deeper.

Jack said...

Personally, I do not think I would feel sexually assaulted, but Ethan does, and it's not right to mock him for it. Have a little empathy.