Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Remains of the Day (09/03)

Arts & Collections: Debbie Harry is still pop artist' dream as the ultimate '80s "rock chick"

Instagram: Sexy Noah Rubin may have a second career as a model

The New Yorker: Linda Ronstadt has found another voice

Deadline: New York's Paris Theatre ends seven-decade run as Midtown film mecca

Good Housekeeping: The most popular slang the year you were born -- mine was "freak flag" courtesy of Jimi Hendrix!

Towleroad: School principal who fought to ban books over "homosexual content" arrested for lewd photos of children

New York Post: Meet the hot UPS delivery guy driving (wo)men crazy in NYC

The Randy Report: Mayor Pete leads campaign fundraising in New York

Dlisted: Open post hosted by the "bi-chair"

Michael Musto: Sam Harris of 1980s "Star Search" fame: They knew I was the "little gay kid"

Crooks and Liars :Anti-LGBTQ West Virginia GOP lawmaker resigns over prostitution ring

USA Today: I hope the right will be happy when there are no qualified doctors, nurses or researchers in this country -- just reality TV contestants.

Los Angeles Times: Valerie Harper and the timeless cool of Rhoda Morgenstern (an appreciation)

EW: Debra Messing slams Trump and turns his tweet about her into call for action

America: What does a church open to LGBT Catholics look like?

AIA New York: Person Place Thing with Randy Cohen featuring Signe Nielsen, FASLA, Founding Principal of Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects

Boy Culture: Adult performer Nick Dent's got a new movie -- but it's not what you think

NYT Editorial Board: Fix the Electoral College -- or scrap it

Hot Cat of the Day: Even when he's on the clock, Bailey always has time for a little lovin'

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Blobby said...

I loved the Ronstadt piece and looking forward to the movie. Her recollection of Leslie VanHouten here and in her book are quite different. Here she says she knew her from hitchhiking in the canyon. In her book, says she and Nicolette Larson were skating in Santa Monica and being introduced to VanHouten by a mutual friend, while VanHouten was out on parole before her 2nd trial.