Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Songs of the Day: 'In Love With Love' by Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry is nothing if not reliably awkward. (He co-hosting of "Andy Warhol's 15 Minutes" was legendary.) But I don't think she's ever been more ill-at-ease than on this "Club MTV" performance from 1987, when she was pounding the pavement promoting "Rockbird"! 

This was Deb's second visit to the Club. Unfortunately, the "French Kissin' in the USA" clip was removed from YouTube.

Here she is being interviewed by Laurie Brown on Canada's "The NewMusic" in 1986.

And in a 1987 interview for French TV.


Matthew said...

Tell me again how Madonna stole your career, Debbie. (!)

Dave in Texas said...

That’s painful to watch. I saw her on the True Colors tour - I’m not even sure she sang anything but solo songs that most people didn’t know. She also had zero connection with the audience that night in Dallas. I was glad to see her though.

Autoamerican said...

Wow that's insane Dave. Her appearance with True Colors in Las Vegas she was on point. She sang her solo songs most notable Rush Rush Jam Was Moving and French Kissin which were all 80s singles in addition to a couple key solo album tracks and several from her upcoming then new solo LP Necessary Evil closing with Two Times Blue. She had a lot of arguments with management at the time forcing her yes forcing her to play at least two blondie hits instead of just solo material even though she was appearing as a solo artist. Which is why on True Colors she didn't do a blondie song. But if you had seen her Necessary Evil Tour just a few months after True Colors tour you would have seen her perform those demanded two blondie sings albeit in acoustic versions of heart of glass and tide is high. The fans really wanted her solo material not blondie as she had toured extensively with blondie the past 10 years and hadn't had a solo tour since the mid 90s.