Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Remains of the Day (08/21)

Towleroad: Colton Haynes shares photos of "dark times" during addiction to pills

The Ethicist: I go on family vacations with my rich siblings. Must I pay the same?

Washington Post: The dog is one of the world’s most destructive mammals. Brazil proves it.

NewNowNext: Trump “defunded” Planned Parenthood. Here’s why LGBTQ people should care.

Baseline: Petra Kvitova shares her comeback story with "Behind the Racquet"

Greg in Hollywood: Andy Cohen in full-blown "daddy" mode

Hot Cat of the Day: We hit the pause button on our TV whenever Harvey hits the water bowl -- the way he drinks is adorable -- but we might get rid of it all together if Harvey were to do this!


Henry Holland said...

I've been a huge Neil Young fan since the early 70's, seen a couple of incredible concerts with him & Crazy Horse. However, his stuff about streaming and digital music is just dumb. When I bought my first iPod, I used the lowest sound quality level so I could fit more stuff on it, I had something like 15,000 songs on it.

Could I hear the hi-hat clearly in Neil's Rockin' in the Free World? No and *I didn't care*. Plus, it's laughable that a guy that made an album that sounded like it was recorded with a cheap cassette recorder with a towel over it from 50 yards away (ie Tonight's the Night) would bitch about sound quality. And vinyl? What a horrible format unless you had a $1000 turntable, $2000 amp and $2000 each speakers in a perfectly set up room, with clean, non-warped vinyl (ie. no one I've ever met). They had to compress the hell out of the sound so the needle would stay on the record, how is that a standard to want to go back to?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Henry. Thank you! I was going to parenthetically write NO next to this, but was afraid I didn't have enough information to be weighing in.