Thursday, August 15, 2019

Remains of the Day (08/15)

THR: "St. Elmo's Fire" modern remake in the works at NBC

Instagram: Jockstraps -- around the ankles -- are for jump pages

The Cut: Equinox tried to comfort employees on an internal call. It didn't go so well.

Back2Stonewall: Breaking yet another Trump promise, Labor Department to undercut Obama LGBT order

Page Six: Kate McKinnon meets "SNL" role Ruth Bader Ginsburg in real life

Dlisted: Debra Messing wants to tussle with Susan Sarandon again

The New York Times: Who killed Tumblr? We all did.

Instagram: Dreamy out rugby player Keegan Hirst signs with new team

Baseline: Meet the 2019 U.S. Open wild cards, including Coco Gauff

Gothamist: Gigantic praying mantis stalks subway searching for brains to eat

BBC: Kangaroos filmed hopping through rare Australian snow

Greg in Hollywood: All about shirtless Chris Evans

Gr8er Days: Inside Gloria Swanson's mansion

HuffPost: Hottest hubby ever?

Metrosource: Same-sex couples: Who should pay? Who buys the ring? And whose last name do you take?

Towleroad: Jeffrey Epstein justified sex with underage girls by comparing it to homosexuality

Boy Culture: Jake Weary: What a body (of work)!

C+C: Jacob Elordi for Calvin Klein will make you forget all about Shawn Mendes

Hot Cat of the Day: Love and love!

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Jake Weary yes

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