Monday, August 12, 2019

Remains of the Day (08/12)

Towleroad: Anthony Scaramucci said what everyone with a brain is thinking about Trump

Instagram: Jockstraps are for jump pages

Brian Ferrari: Revisiting Kate Bush's gayest songs (ICYMI)

Dlisted: Open post hosted by the end of the Pizza Hut red plastic cup

The New Yorker: Was e-mail a mistake? Digital messaging was supposed to make our work lives easier and more efficient, but the mathematics of distributed systems suggests that meetings might be better.

Twitter: More proof of how how hot Croatian doubles specialist Mate Pavic is 

Discover: 10 things to do the night before a trip

Metro Weekly: “Sexual Freedom Summit” teaches attendees how to fight for LGBTQ sexual freedom 

Boca Raton Museum of Art: Honoring the women astronomers who mapped the stars

Baseline: Reilly Opelka forays into male modeling

Boy Culture: A review of "Sea Wall/A Life" 

The Hill: California mayor to keep flags at half-staff until Congress acts on guns

HuffPost: Illinois governor signs bill mandating public schools teach LGBTQ history

Ask Daddy: This is how you pick your identity in the gay world

Damian might want to try "reforming" this one ...

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