Monday, August 12, 2019

Page 1 Roundup (08/12)

So this is why my NUDES of the disgraced congressmen are tending again?

(BTW: For better or worse, it definitely reads like she wrote it herself. Of course I'm enjoying it. But as promised, she doesn't really remember too many details from her remarkable life, so you're left with a lot of interesting tidbits about stories that feel like should be fleshed out a lot more)

New York Post: Epstein’s guards were working ‘extreme’ OT at short-staffed lockup

Cleared ex-con receives $9.75 million settlement after spending 30 years in jail

Dad praises suspected killer son amid Canada manhunt

The Washington Post: Epstein’s accusers call her his protector and procurer. Is Ghislaine Maxwell now prosecutors’ target?

Angry and fearful, Americans struggle to talk about guns and race

The New York Times: How the El Paso killer echoed the incendiary words of conservative media stars

Before jail suicide, Jeffrey Epstein was left alone and not closely monitored

The 50 best television shows on Netflix

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