Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Ooh to Be Ah' by KajaGooGoo

Where to begin with this one? I adored KajaGooGoo when they first came out, even staying loyal after Limahl was booted from the band (supposedly for being gay). But when reissues of "White Feathers" and "Islands" were released a number of years ago, I realized it was the latter that held up much, much better. "Ooh to Be Ah" is barely listenable today, yet seeing the video -- for the first time (thanks, Rhino!) -- made me realize something else. All those years I spent lusting after the "Too Shy" singer when I could have been going after drummer Jez Strode, whose hot bod is on full display here! 

I think one of the reasons I never noticed him is that his face looked too much like my Dobson High P.E. buddy Joel Avery, the same Joel Avery with whom I pondered the race of that girl who sings "Holiday"! Now if we could have just put keyboardist Stuart Neale's head on Jez's body ...

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