Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Remains of the Day (07/03)

IndieWire: There used to be cinemas like New York City's one-screen Paris Theatre all over the U.S. Next month, even the Paris may close

KIT212: We knew Aaron Schock was a big dick. Now we know he has one.

The Hill: Trump broke the nuclear agreement and now Iran is going to do whatever it wants

Dlisted: The Spelling mansion sold for a record $120 million

CNBC: Therapist reveals No. 1 complaint of millennials 

Instagram: Ass Wednesday moves to the locker room

Boy Culture: A World Pride NYC photo gallery

FCTRY: Who wants a Billie Jean King action figure?

Towleroad: "I’ll beat the gay out of you" -- man attacked in a Barcelona McDonald’s for dressing too feminine

Washington Blade: This is it guys: Supreme Court sets Oct. 8 to hear whether workers can be fired for being LGBT

HuffPost: Amazon, Google call on SCOTUS to rule in favor of LGBT  workers

Frank Bruni: Are you dreaming of a Harris-Buttigieg ticket?

Back2Stonewall: Mayor Pete is all ears about black trans lives ... even as he’s trying to pay his respects to people who died of AIDS

Baseline: Roger Federer causes chaos by stopping by UNIQLO store

Instagram: Hot gay couple alert

Washington Post: Justice Department watchdog to investigate decision to cancel FBI headquarters plan (any other president would have been impeached for this alone)

South Florida Gay News: Florida LGBT rights group "SAVE" fires official who celebrated gay bashers at equality gala as video surfaces

Greg in Hollywood: Patrick Wilson is one hot piece of ass

Hot Cat of the Day: I like a critter who knows how to multitask!


Will Kohl said...

Even using the upward angle it still looks small. Princess Tiny Meat

Rix said...

Shock ain't big; he might have a slight length advantage, but no girth, and with that bush not sure he ain't str8.

Myk said...

I'm no fan of Aaron Schock, but lately he's been "acting out" or something like he's totally untethered to reality. What's up with that? Is this the result of a bad case of the closet? If he ever wants to run for office again, he's going to need to find a whole new constituency methinks.

JimmyD said...

The Paris: It's too bad they didn't have a different business model, say, like in SF, The Castro or LA's New Beverly.
They bring in wonderful, prestige films... and let them sit there for weeks... months. It's empty most days. Those who wanted to see Pavarotti have. The first week. A trickle more the second week. Then... a few each day?
It's a gorgeous theater. I hope it can be saved.

jaragon said...

I really don't care about Schock or the size of his that hockey player ass shot...the Paris is a theater from another time- people have too many choices when it come to watching films