Monday, July 01, 2019

Remains of the Day (07/01)

YouTube: Here's wishing Angela Trimble -- aka Debbie Harry -- a very happy 74th birthday!

New York Post: After 23 years of marriage, Connecticut husband, wife both come out as gay

Dlisted: Reservations for the Taco Bell hotel sold out in two minutes

Washington Post: Americans’ views flipped on gay rights. How did minds change so quickly? (ICYMI)

Salon: No one I know seems to agree with what Larry Kramer is saying in his World Pride message, but god bless him for still being part of the conversation

Instagram: Did someone say booty call?

Little A: Fans of historical fiction might want to check out "The Blue Period," my friend luke Kummer's  retelling the tragic events that led a young Pablo Picasso to depict lost souls in nocturnal shades

Michael Tomasky: Do Republicans even believe in democracy anymore?

Towleroad: Mayor Pete raised head-turning $24.8 million in second quarter

Boy Culture: U.S. handbag ambassador strikes again on world stage 

Vulture: Marianne Williamson is every weirdo "Bachelor" contestant

Los Angeles Blade: Kamala Harris enjoys herself  the San Francisco Pride parade

The Wall Street Journal: Stonewall wasn't the start of the gay rights struggle

The Daily News: Joe Biden stumbles again with "gay waiter" -- second stereotype flub after "hoodie" gaffe

Greg in Hollywood: A look back at Wimbeldon's hottest men over the years

The WoW Report: Trump doesn't know what "Western liberalization" means

The Randy Report: NYC high school valedictorian comes out in graduation speech to cheers

TPM: Bernie hops on doctored video train

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Myk said...

74?? She's so amazing! Three cheers for the youngster from North Jersey who became the signature girl of 70/80's NYC!