Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Bill Walsh Lending Library Dedicated at The Washington Post

Yesterday was an emotional one, seeing this sweet post my sister-in-law shared from The Washington Post newsroom. My brother’s book collection meant the world to him, and was so reflective of who he was — filled with titles about language, tennis, boxing, food and music. But it also revealed how diverse and inquisitive he was. (I remember being stunned that he owned an obscure gay memoir by an acquaintance of mine in NYC, and he never met a serial killer he didn’t want to know more about!) Seeing his things not where they belong — on his beloved custom built-in bookshelves in his dining-room-cum-office — is the hardest part. But it’s also comforting to know that so many people who loved and respected him will have access to them and, as a result, a little piece of him. 

Jacqueline writes:

Today, at long last, we officially dedicated the Bill Walsh Lending Library in the Post newsroom. A beautiful plaque (joining the elite club of Ben Bradlee, Meg Greenfield, and Michel du Cille), lovely remarks by Courtney Rukan and Vince Rinehart, and more than a bit of wistfulness from the Widow Walsh. June brings the anniversaries of the rapid descent into what would become The Stupidest Thing Ever, so I'm glad to be adding a new memory to slightly tip the scales for this month. Thanks to all who attended.

There's more than this, but too hard to get it all in the shot.


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