Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/21)

The Wall Street Journal: New Coke is back, sort of

The Hill: Nadler accuses Trump of witness intimidation, threatens legal action over testimony of McGahn, who has already admitted Trump tried to get him to lie

Washington Post: Robert Mueller wants to conduct part of his congressional testimony in private but Democrats want a full public hearing

Dlisted: In the near future, malls and strip malls will only be filled with Starbuckseseseseses

Towleroad: New paradigm of gonorrhea transmission shows kissing and rimming responsible for most infection in gay men

Instagram: Remembering Jim Stryker, one of the greatest physique models ever

Mother Jones: Powerful scenes as thousands across the country protest extreme abortion laws

Instagram: Of course Borna Coric took his hunky new coach to eat at the Beefbar

HuffPost: "Grey’s Anatomy" star Alex Landi aims to set new bar for Asian representation in Hollywood

The Daily News: Prosecutors say former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. raped homeless woman and 2 others

New York Post: Cops say Calvin Klein model punched dad, roughed up ex over giraffe painting

Boy Culture: Watch the full "Tales of the City" trailer

The New York Times: Wanda Sykes may be best known for “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and  sitcom appearances, but it’s her standup specials that make her an elite performer

Instagram: Thighs for days

Baseline: Naomi Osaka to have her own line of Nike clothes -- now if she could just win another tournament!

Gr8er Days: Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's turns 61

The Guardian: "I've been trying to mop up those longstanding grudges, but this was a major one," says Marcella Detroit of Shakespears Sister

OMG Blog: Tom Mercier goes full frontal in "Synonymes"

Hot Cat of the Day: I'm such a sucker for an interspecies friendship!

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mike/ said...

so if it’s Coke Classic does that mean it has cocaine in it like the original? BTW, it would be clear in color... er... no color like the first one!