Monday, May 13, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/13)

Gr8er Days: Doris Day, one of the world's most beloved stars, dies at 97

The Hill: China retaliates with higher tariffs as Trump defends his approach (autoplay video warning)

Instagram: Is former quarterback turned "Bachelor" star Jesse Palmer's brother even cuter than he is?

Baseline: Is Rafael Nadal distracted by his impending nuptials? 

Towleroad: Fox's "Empire" is ending after next season, and still has no plans to bring back Jussie Smollett

HuffPost: Indya Moore is Elle magazine's first transgender cover star -- yet Moore chooses to undermine the historic feat by insisting on using the they/them pronouns 

YouTube: We need to talk about Mango

The Atlantic: Wondering what to do when neighbors fight

Newsweek: The 15 worst airlines in the world / The 15 best airlines in the world

Instagram: I think Bammer47 had the hottest "first boyfriend" of all time!

The Randy Report: I'm over the moon that a gay person is getting legitimate traction in a U.S. presidential race -- but Pete Buttigieg is just plain wrong to decry identity politics

Dlisted: Actor Mark Webber -- who looks pretty hot to me -- thinks he got fired from an ABC pilot for hot being hot enough

Extra: "Mod Squad," "Twin Peaks" star Peggy Lipton, mother of Rashida Jones, dies at 72

NewNowNext: Gritty new series dives into the dark world of high-fashion male models

The Daily News: Anti-gay, anti-Semitic Arizona pastor becomes first banned from Ireland

Greg in Hollywood: To mark the 97th anniversary of her birth, enjoy Bea Arthur as Carrie Bradshaw in a parody of "Sex and the City" 

Brooklyn Vegan: Bjork's "Cornucopia" live show is an ecstatic paean to nature and flutes

The New York Times: As TV industry's $20 billion week starts, signs that streaming isn't king yet

Hot Cat of the Day: It's a shame Larry is no longer with us -- this has a Mask4Mask relationship written all over it!


adrien said...

ken, i am confused. how does Moore using they pronouns undermine anything? for them to be the kind of palatable trans person to you, they should be using he or she?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Adrien: That's my feeling. We're constantly hearing the drumbeat from activists that "Trans woman ARE women." Why would a woman not use the her/she pronouns?

jaragon said...

Ken makes sense- and I really don't understand the weird use of "they" for a singular person.

Myk said...

re: Jesse Palmer's brother: Very nice, but he's no Jesse!