Thursday, May 02, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/02)

New York Post: Cricket player sentenced to five years for sickening rape contest

Dlisted: I've never been so happy about the breakout of an infectious disease in my whole life!

The Film Experience: Making the case for the best fight scene in the past two decades

Towleroad: House panel advances LGBTQ "Equality Act" in 22-10 vote with all GOP members voting "no"

Baseline: Dominic Thiem takes Paris-culture quiz, practices his French

Instagram: Your afternoon workout with Chris Clark 

Instagram: Singer/songwriter Maria McKee -- of Lone Justice and "Show Me Heaven" fame -- comes out in emotional social-media post

The Daily News: Nancy Pelosi says Bill Barr lied to Congress and "that's a crime"

New York Post: Celebrity sex, drugs and death inside the infamous Chateau Marmont

DeMilked: How men wore shorts in the 1970s

Washington Post: Chasten Buttigieg has been a homeless community-college student and a Starbucks barista. Now, he could be "first gentleman."

Time: I finally watched the “gay” episode of “Dating Around.” I guess it’s not that unusual to be more sensitive when it’s about “your own,” but boy was I cringing a lot! (ICYMI)

Metrosource: What kind of daddy does gay comedian Sam Morrison want?

Yahoo: Man arrested for indecent images after turning his gravy-covered computer into Best Buy's Geek Squad

Lad Bible: An Instagram challenge is daring people to masturbate every day in May

Greg in Hollywood: When bad tattoos happen to hot guys, Volume 10,000

Boy Culture: Nyle DiMarco says summer is coming

Hot Cat of the Day: When a cat is focused on something, all the Pokey in the world won't get his attention ...


Blobby said...

Interesting about McKee. I check on-line about her now and then to see if she's ever going to make any new music.

ATANNER said...

Love Maria Mckee, such a massive talent. Be whoever you are always...

And in other news, I would gladly give Dom Thiem's ass french lessons.!