Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Justin Gimelstob Will Leave Tennis Board, but What About Television?

The New York Times reports that Justin Gimelstob is resigning from his post on the ATP board of directors immediately rather than seeking another term. The election is set for May 14 in Rome, but Gimelstob, 42, said he had withdrawn his candidacy and would focus on resolving his personal and legal issues. (I applaud this moment of self-awareness, something that has hitherto been greatly missing.) Brad Gilbert and Tim Mayotte have recently thrown their hats in the ring.

Meanwhile Inside Tennis tweeted that a female broadcaster at the Tennis Channel, from which Gimelstob has been on hiatus as his assault case moved through the courts, said she would resign if he is allowed to return. My gut says Lindsay Davenport. In 2005 when Gimelstob was going off on the women's game, here's what she had to say in response:
"I'm always curious what the fascination is about men having to judge women constantly. What they look like. What they wear. Who they hang out with. ... And men have this endless fascination with, and Justin especially, about just depicting and picking on everything about the body. And so his column was, I thought, a waste of time." 
Final question to Davenport on this subject: "What about Justin's body?" 
She replied: "Yeah, really. I asked him if he wanted me to get into that. He said no."
And don't even get her started about the time Justin suggested she had been up a break in the second set of the 2005 Aussie Open final against Serena!

Do you have a guess?

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