Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Automatic Rainy Day' by K-Five

I've written extensively about the various solo careers of the members of the Go-Go's. Yet it was news to me that Gina Schock -- who fronted House of Schock in the late '80s -- had another band in the late '90s. Here's a video of a rare performance of K-Five, as they were known, performing at the Opium Den in Hollywood. Of note is that the opening song is "Automatic Rainy Day," which the Go-Go's later recorded for their 2001 comeback album and later featured heavily in their Broadway show, "Head Over Heels." 

Anyone know who else was in K-Five or why they disbanded so quickly? 

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Blobby said...

"Automatic Rainy Day", to me, is one of the band's best songs. (I also love "Apology".)