Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Remains of the Day (04/24)

Closer: How Betty White's real-life friendship with Mary Tyler Moore almost kept her from becoming the Happy Homemaker (ICYMI)

Instagram: Behold Ryan Harrison's sexy little brother's ass on the golf course

The New York Times: What does it tell you that election-security officials were warned to not tell the so-called president of the United States about their 2020 efforts

New York Post: What's the point of having a body like that at 51 if you can't have affairs with new recruits?

Penn Live: Officials identify factory worker killed in freak meat grinder accident

Washington Post: Trump's latest stated plan to obstruct justice involves the Supreme Court

The New York Times: Does it strike anyone else as odd that not one of the 50 people interviewed for a new film about human sexuality would say they are "completely gay"? My friend says the kids don't want to be "limited" in their dating options (eye roll) -- so everyone's "queer" and "pansexual" -- but I'd argue there's an element of homophobia in that no one wants to be seen as "just gay" anymore ... or is it just garden-variety "need to feel special" syndrome?

AOL: Princeton valedictorian gets engaged to her 71-year-old former professor

ICYMI: You see the hottest men waiting for flights at the airport

Towleroad: Chasten Buttigieg opens up about his first date with Mayor Pete, and "shaking uncontrollably" as his husband launched his 2020 campaign

Boy Culture: Ass Wednesday Parts 2 and 3

Hot Slut of the Day: The frazzled dandelion of pure perfection that almost made a basketball bearable

Hot Cat of the Day: This little pretzel is Josie, Harvey's s'mores cousin in West Orange, N.J., who is the most adorable kitten I've ever seen!


Tyler said...

You need to give "Parks and Recreation" another try. Skip the first season, because that's when it was just "The Office but with a girl boss". Once they realized that was useless, it got much, much better.

jaragon said...

"Parks and Recreation" is funny and it has the beefy Chris Pratt playing dumb

WilD said...

@NYT: So everyone can be unique, they are extending the decimal point out to fifteen digits to represent "How Gay are You?"