Friday, April 19, 2019

Remains of the Day (04/19)

YouTube: The first "Halston" trailer is here -- and the drama is designer grade!

ICYMI: Jockstraps are for jump pages

The New York Times: According to the Mueller report -- which totally "exonerates" Trump, Crazy Donald and his associates had 140 contacts with Russia or WikiLeaks

Washington Post: Mueller report showcases eight Trump loyalists who resisted the president to protect themselves

Hot Slut of the Day: Granny Hulk!

Deep Dish: Pretty boy alert!

TV Line: ABC taps Woody Harrelson, Jamie Foxx and more stars to recreate episodes of "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons" episodes for live ABC primetime special

Baseline: Fed Cup stars suit up for a night out

BosGuy: This Furry Friday is almost not safe for work

The Randy Report: According to Nielsen, gay people have REALLY bad taste in television

Towleroad: Gay journalist shot dead during riots in Northern Ireland

Washington Blade: LGBT groups, HHS clash over asking youth in foster care about sexual orientation

OMG Blog: Ewan Mitchell bares all in "High Life"

Hot Cat of the Day: This big boy is Tiger, one of two mascots at Pamper-Ur-Pets, where we buy Harvey his treats!

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jaragon said...

Mr Gay Spain is really charming and his Instagram is a must