Thursday, April 11, 2019

Remains of the Day (04/11)

Boy Culture: Julian Assange dragged from Ecuadorean Embassy, charged with helping Chelsea Manning hack classified information (but what about his cat?)

NYDN: Another reason to have a cat instead of a dog

The Hill: Joe Biden has double-digit lead over Dem field in useless Iowa poll

Twitter: Alex Pettyfer is the hottest victim of "pantsing" of all time

The New York Times: Omar Hassan al-Bashir, 30-year leader of Sudan accused of genocide, is ousted by military 

The Daily News: This hot guy's crime makes it too sick to feature him on Mugshot Monday

This Mortal Coil: The unvarnished truth about Woody Allen (Part I)

Baseline: Nicolas Almagro calls it a career

Deep Dish: The young and the shirtless

Hot Slut of the Day: The criminal Roomba!

The Film Experience: Celebrating "Annie Get Your Gun," for which Betty Hutton was hired to replace a messy Judy Garland

BosGuy: I'd go chasing waterfalls if he were at the end

Vanity Fair: The National Enquirer appears to have lost its feud with Jeff Bezos

Sun-Sentinel: Want to be one of those pampered yacht guests on "Below Deck"?

The Randy Report: Baseball players celebrate runs with "double grab" of crotches 

Saint Anselm College Survey Center: Pete Buttigieg vaults to third place in New Hampshire poll of Democratic contenders for 2020

Towleroad: Can these gay men become more than just friends?

Greg in Hollywood: Stanford University football sports performance coach has all the right moves

Hot Cat of the Day: You might recognize this handsome cat dad as a former TENNIS TUESDAY subject!


Johnny Diaz said...

Thank you 😊 now if I can only get on one of the Below Deck charters ⛴😎

Mike Moore said...

Thanks for relaying a well-presented and fact-based article(s) on the popularized vendetta against Woody Allen. Robert B. Weide effectively discribes the McCarthy style lynch mob strains festering in our culture, and the emotion-based and unconsidered use of social media to promote taking sides and ganging up. And, the damage that can be done by ignoring or disregarding facts that are seen as irrelevant when they don't agree with an invested emotional position. It was only the part she played in Rosemary's Baby that finally sold out to care for the devil's offspring. It's her own corrupt character that has spawned a lot of evil by twisting and manipulating the lives of her children to revenge being spruned by a lover.