Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Remains of the Day (04/03)

GMA: 4 Penn State fraternity brothers sentenced for pledge's hazing death

Instagram: Andy Murray returns to the game ... sort of

The Hill: House panel approves subpoena for Mueller report

The New York Times: Lori Lightfoot, Chicago's incoming mayor, ran on outsider appeal

Hill Reporter: Trump spreads another conspiracy theory, claiming windmill noise causes cancer

Instagram: How about Wednesday 'Stache?

Gr8er Days: Remembering Doris Day's 12 best works in honor of her 97th birthday!

Back2Stonewall: Don't think for a second that any LGBTQ rights are enshrined in law

Towleroad: If you're a gay man who's been ghosted, an incredibly hot one (who never has) has some advice for you

Greg in Hollywood: Apparently not even Ellen DeGeneres wants to sit down with the sultan of Brunei and understand his point of view

MTPR: Missoula legislator Tom Winter can have anything he wants from me, including all of my money

Dlisted: A bench warrant was issued for Donna Martin -- I mean Tori Spelling in California

NYT Magazine: How Rupert Murdoch's empire of influence remade the world

New York Post: 15-year-old boy who killed himself was bullied by five students, his mother says

Boy Culture: Kim English, deep house singer known for "Unspeakable Joy," dies

The Randy Report: Texas Senate approves "license to discriminate"

Washington Post: I'm not a Bernie fan, but hasn't Trump dictated that no one needs to follow any norms now?

Baseline: Venus Williams names her favorite "Golden Girls" character

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