Monday, March 25, 2019

Remains of the Day (03/25)

Brooklyn Vegan: When Lloyd Cole mentioned Saturday night getting into an argument about Scott Walker I was delighted that he was that into American politics -- I didn't realize he was actually announcing (predicting?) a former pop star's death

Instagram: Aaron Schock got a gay haircut

Back2Stonewall: Harvey Fierstein to play Bella Abzug in new off-Broadway solo show (she'd be so honored)

Tennis Life: A little trash talking as Andreescu bests Kerber -- again (video) 

Washington Post: Republicans cheer, Democrats challenge (what we know so far from Barr about) Mueller's findings on Trump and Russia

Socialite Life: 30 times Zac Efron was shirtless on Instagram

New York Post: I was scammed by a ticket scalper -- don't make my mistake, writes John Crudele

Towleroad: Gay bar partrons take cover at Toucans Tiki Lounge in Palm Springs after gunman shoots two people

ICYMI: J.J. Watt's football-player brothers are nearly as hunky as he is

The Hill: Federal prosecutors charge Michael Avenatti in alleged extortion attempt

Dlisted: Birthday boy Lee Pace is pure sex on a sailboat

The Randy Report: Mayor Pete Buttigieg surges to third in latest Democratic poll, finally jumps to double-digit standing

OMG Blog: French rugby player Alexandre Flanquart caught naked in the locker room

Washington Blade: West Virginia assistant principal who forced trans student to use urinal in front of him is fired

TPM: Now the father of a Sandy Hook victim has taken his life, the third suicide related to mass shootings this week

NewNowNext: Andrew Rannells's new memoir has "too many dicks" for his mom

Greg in Hollywood: Starsky and Hutch were both hot -- but Paul Michael Glaser's chest was the real star of the show

HuffPost: Don't be a defeatist Dem, writes Matthew Rettenmund: "All we know about the Mueller Report so far is what Trump's handpicked lackey Barr has summarized (2 years in 4 pages) -- that Trump and his team didn't take Russia up on its overtures, but that in spite of evidence, Barr doesn't think there is a prosecutable case for obstruction of justice. He specifically said Trump is not exonerated. The full report is clearly damaging, and Trump is attempting to controlling narrative by running with the lack of collusion -- but Pelosi, Nadler and we won't let him. It's the beginning, not the end."

Hot Cat of the Day: Too bad Harvey's not into yoga ...


Edgar_Carpenter said...

The poppers article on BoyCulture is just about totally wrong.

The original chemical in poppers was amyl nitrite, not amyl nitrate. That's now only available by prescription in most countries, but the article sounds like that's what's in all poppers. It's not. Poppers you buy over the counter have a variety of different chemicals in them now, which are not even mentioned in the article.

It'd be best to remove that link - someone might believe it. It's very bad journalism.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Edgar: Thanks.

Johnny Diaz said...

Hi! What's the name of the gay haircut that Aaron Schock got? I see all the gay guys (and many straight ones) in Miami with that look.

Paul Mitchell said...

Aaron Schock: "Can you give me a hairstyle that's easy to grab? My new Daddy likes to pull my hair when he spanks me."