Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Remains of the Day (03/20)

French Open: Roland Garros goes green!

ICYMI: Luckiest girl on earth?

Towleroad: Pro boxer threatens to shoot gay people in homophobic Instagram rant (not even punch?)

Back2Stonewall: Kirstin Gillibrand does damage control on her call for Al Franken to resign

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria: Can you imagine having YA rom-com books featuring LGBTQ characters when we were kids? 

Greg in Hollywood: Greg Louganis is on board with presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg

Kickstarter: Let's make "Goddess: The Fall and Rise of 'Showgirls'" a reality

The Randy Report: Trans/deaf model cast as young super hero on "Titans"

Instagram: You don't have to be Catholic to celebrate Ass Wednesday

The Film Experience: Another photo and Brad Pitt still looks like Chevy Chase

Baseline: We can all breathe now -- Denis Shapovalov finally got a haircut! 

HuffPost: Armie Hammer isn't sold on a "Call Me by Your Name" sequel -- and neither am I (the first one was just meh)

CNN: Poor Cindy McCain, having to deal with such hurtful things being said about people she loves

Instagram: Jan-Michael Gambill is a good mama's boy

Dlisted: Open post hosted by Janet Jackson's, um, reworked Glastonbury Festival poster

Boy Culture: Only click if you're into fetish gear

The Plum Line: The electoral college is an abomination, and Democrats should keep talking about it

OMG Blog: Ginger Angus McLaren doesn't quite let us know if the carpet matches the drapes

Hot Cats of the Day: My friends Bobby and Mary's cat Fran doesn't know what to make of Boomer's birthday hat!


Sean said...

Trump and his supporters commenting on McCain....Id say "unreal" but that word has lost all meaning now.
Also, thanks for more JMG.

Luia said...

In case anyone doesn`t know, the guy in Luckiest girl on earth? is Manuel Ferrara aka How would Ethan Hawke look if he did porn-

Sean said...

Ethan Hawke porn. My mind is blowing up.