Monday, March 11, 2019

‘Crashing’ Out

We’ll miss you, “Crashing.” You were always exceptional, but never more so than this season! Not sure what HBO was thinking canceling this one after just three seasons. 

The loss of this gem has us searching for new recommendations. Heads-up: Sci-fi and fantasy aren’t really my thing. And here is a list of recent shows we have attempted to watch but could not get into:  

Love (Netflix)
Difficult People (Hulu)
Veep (HBO)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW) 
Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) 
You’re the Worst (FX) 
The Detour (TBS) 
Silicon Valley (HBO) 
The Real O’Neals (ABC)
 Vynl (HBO) 
Lady Dynamite (Netflix) 
The Unwatchable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) 
Schitt’s Creek (Pop) 
The Guest Book (TBS) 
American Vandal Season 2 (Netflix)


DP said...

I promise you LOVE is worth sticking with ....

AaronSF said...

Have watched and liked most of the shows you have rejected. Guess you're just up Schitt's Creek!

Bill Carter said...

Killing Eve. Best new show of 2018, by a mile.

Catch up before season two starts next month

Derry Queen said...

I was pleasantly surprised by Derry Girls.

Shy Boy said...

Sex Education and Derry Girls (Netflix).