Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Remains of the Day (02/06)

The Villager: Scooter LaForge paid his dues and kept on painting

Tumblr: The hottest workout you'll ever see

The Daily News: House reopens Russia probe, gives Mueller interview transcripts in move potentially spelling trouble for Donald Trump Jr.

New York Post: Confessed killer tried backing out of plea deal in sugar-daddy jeweler case

YouTube: R.I.P., gay men using condoms 

Towleroad: The leader of the Gay Men’s Chorus of L.A. is departing after sexual misconduct accusations, but is staying on as mayor of West Hollywood?

Dial Books: I want to buy my niece this cute Billie Jean King book

Towleroad: In a move that would have been shocking if it hadn't happened, Gus Kenworthy is joining the cast of "American Horror Story"

Gr8er Days: You say Marc Singer made you gay?

Greg in Hollywood: You won't forget Dan Amboyer flexing in a pair of boxer shorts

Baseline: Madison Keys and Danielle Collins set for Fed Cup versus Australia

The New York Times: Pelosi declares House will not be intimidated from its Trump inquiries

The Randy Report: "If [Trump] is serious about ending the HIV/AIDS crisis, he must end his assault on health care and the dignity of the LGBTQ community,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Dlisted: Jennifer Lawrence's fiance is kinda hot

ICYMI: The latest on the fishy case of Jussie Smollett

Morning Mix: A stranger offered to help a 14-year-old who said her father raped her -- but only if she recorded it first

BosGuy: The Pizza Hut/anti-circumcision connection

OMG Blog: Is it wrong to get turned on by hunky cartoon characters?

Hot Cat of the Day: Harvey wins again, posing with the adorable Napoleonic kitty pillow Damian brought back from Paris!


northalabama said...

while marc singer didn't make me gay, he sure made being gay a lot more entertaining. ;-)

jaragon said...

Mark Singer made me gay when I saw him as Petruchio in "Taming of the Shrew" on PBS.

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