Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress

I'm awfully glad the American public is finally hearing from someone inside Trump's inner circle what the failed businessman is really about. But between the Republican grandstanding and Michael Cohen's own disgustingness, I have no desire to actually listen to it. Will this be the first stop on the long journey toward getting GOP senators to finally face what really needs to be done? Only time will tell. But it sure is idiotic for Trump hangers-on to dismiss Cohen's credibility for being a "convicted felon." That's his status due to a) confessing everything and b) having committed crimes on behest of ... Trump.


My colleague got the giggles after hearing Cohen mention a Trump associate named Matthew Calamari -- and it's even funnier when you read where Trump dug this guy up! 

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WilD said...

So far (2/27 morning news [press bites]) Republican committee members are in denial, trying whatever to discredit anything that Cohen says as coming for a convicted liar.