Saturday, February 09, 2019

Jan! Jan! Jan!

Add me to your list of friends saying “OHMYFUCKINGGOD” about this documentary. Ohmyfuckinggod. 

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elJiffy said...

Where to begin with this grotesque story?
I guess I'd start with parents who were untroubled by this man's plainly predatory designs on their child, who allowed him to take their child unsupervised on a day trip and didn't report her disappearence until 4 or 5 days later out of sympathy for the man who abducted their child, and his wife; who allowed themselves to be sexually compromised; who declined because of their extramarital hijinks to press charges against this monstrous creep; who continued to communicate with him after the first abduction, and spoke amicably with him by phone repeatedly after the second kidnapping ... the mind reels at the naivete, or should I say the sheer stupidity, of the parents, and what it cost the daughter who was the object of and prime victim of this psychological clusterfuck. Of all the true crime stories on tv today, this has to be one of the most appalling.

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