Sunday, February 17, 2019

An Afternoon With Andy, From A to B (and Back Again)

Finally went to the Whitney Museum to see the Andy Warhol exhibit and I must say it did not disappoint. Was thoroughly impressed with the scope of the collection on hand -- the Campbell Soup cans, Brillo Pad boxes, Mao, Marilyn, Jackie, Liz plus all of the iconic celebrity portraits and lots of movies, magazines and videos -- all in one building through March 31. I've written about my youthful love of Andy -- I even tried to look like him! -- and how his Factory freaks made me feel a little less isolated as a kid in the Phoenix suburbs. What a thrill to finally stand inches away from so many of these iconic works in the flesh.


Full details HERE.

The afternoon was made all the more fun by having Damian ...

Marsha P. Johnson: Not Andy’s story to tell

Robert Mapplethorpe and Stephen Sprouse on top

Christine Marie Evert tops Ali and Kareem

Soup’s on


Madonna and Jessica Savitch 

and my fellow Blondie fanatic friend Taffy along for the ride! 


demc7 said...

as big of a tennis fan you seem to be- surprised you didn't mention Chris Evert's Warhol pic. She said she only heard him mumble 2-3 words, but she liked the picture.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Ha! Great story. Sorry, I thought photographing and posting it was mentioning it. You can see I also picked a newspaper cover mentioning Jessica Savitch, Madonna, some fisting action and more!

Michael from Brooklyn said...

I saw the Warhol exhibit at the Whitney. Although I agree that there are many amazing pieces, I just don't get the Brillo pad boxes. Can you - or someone - enlighten me regarding why these are considered important? I'm sorry - I want to understand but I just don't. :(

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