Sunday, January 27, 2019

Take a Hike, 'Rent'

UPDATE: This over-the-top post was written to troll Generation Z activists. But the fact that it wasn't readily recognized as satire by everyone tells you just how far off the rails we've gone.  #heavenhelpus

I don't know about you, but I for one will NOT be watching "Rent Live" tonight. I've never understood why everyone felt the need to worship at the feet of a white cisgender man who was in the exact place at the exact time to have witnessed the AIDS epidemic first-hand -- who by all accounts happened to be a theatrical genius -- when there are so many transwomen of color who were also affected by the disease. This is NOT his story to tell. [Insert inflammatory buzzwords here.] Stop colonizing* people of color and stop mansplaining ... and don't get me started on his work's bierasure. #ReinaGossett #believetranswomenofcolor #mansplaining #whitesplaining #nothisstorytotell #buzzword 

*Incorrect usage but always wins elections 

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