Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Preacher Man' by Bananarama

Fascinating interview in the Guardian with ex-members of famous girl groups, including Jacquie O'Sullivan, who replaced Siobhan Fahey in Bananarama in 1988. She has nothing bad to say about Sara and Keren, but is pretty hard on herself -- even if she can acknowledge the goodness of "the Jacquie years." (Even Siobhan loved "Preacher Man," insisting the band perform it on the Original Lineup Tour!) Read HERE.

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reco power said...

I was quite obsessed with the remixes of 'trippin' on your love' from the Jacquie years. I also became enamoured years and years later with 'love truth and honesty' much more so then at the time of release. In hindsight it really is stock, aitken, waterman perfection.

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