Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Remains of the Day (01/09)

The Daily News: The ball's in your court, Florida ...

Instagram: Is Nick Bolton the sexiest man of all time?

The New York Times: Rod Rosenstein expected to leave Justice Department once attorney general is confirmed; latest "grownup in the room" to depart

CNN: Furloughed federal workers sweat looming payroll deadline

Vox: Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos to divorce after 25 years of marriage

Baseline: An in-depth chat with Madison Keys on her success, growing platform, doing good and more

Amazon: "Dungeons and Drag Queens," the latest essay collection by Greg Scarnici, is available for pre-order now

Dlisted: Kevin Hart, who doesn't want to talk about the Oscar mess anymore, continues to talk about it

The Mirror: Former gay escort now "straight" after a year of celibacy

The Telegraph: Why are there still no openly gay male tennis players?

Towleroad: Brazil's new president strips LGBT rights ... on first day in office

The Randy Report: Transgender woman groped by two cisgender women in North Carolina bathroom (that state will never learn)

Mr. Man: 354 new guys-flashing-junk scenes with Noah Centineo

Back2Stonewall: Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver lobbies to exclude LGBT people from anti-lynching bill

BosGuy: I thought you weren't allowed to bite in wrestling

Instagram: The Fiji Water Girl is on Jamie Lee Curtis's shit list

Hot Cat of the Day: Hanging out with Dad ...


jaragon said...

Mr Pratt looks hotter wit his dad bod than most muscles queens with perfect abs

The Polar Beast said...

Regarding the escort who has gone straight. Isn't it reasonable to expect that after a YEAR of celibacy, even sex with a woman would be preferable to being celibate?

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