Monday, January 28, 2019

Gay Trainer Landen Jones Killed in Freak Accident

Some horrific news about Landen Jones, an instructor at Mark Fisher Fitness and a beloved member of the LGBTQ community:
The Associated Press reports that police are investigating after two men tending to a disabled vehicle were killed after falling from the Parkway East onto 2nd Avenue, where they were struck by a passing vehicle.

The men have been identified as 39-year-old Landen Manning Jones and 34-year-old Jason Hubert Jackson. The incident happened shortly before 4 p.m. Saturday. Police say Jackson's vehicle (a white Acura MDX SUV) was disabled in the right lane of the parkway near the Oakland exit when Jones pulled up to assist Jackson. State police said Jones took Jackson to get gas, but the vehicle still would not start.

The two men were out of their cars when the driver of a third vehicle (a silver Vokswagen Passat) hit the rear of Jones's car (a Honda Civic).

"They were going to call AAA, and then that's when the third car hit," Trooper Bondarenka said. She said it was unclear whether the men were struck by the third vehicle or jumped to get out of its path.

The driver of the third vehicle has been identified as 38-year-old Joaquin Smalley.

The two men fell 30-35 feet onto 2nd Avenue and were run over by a passing vehicle. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

A woman and child were inside Jackson's vehicle. They were not injured.

State police said Smalley was taken to the hospital. A driver along 2nd Avenue was also taken to the hospital after hitting the two victims. That driver has not been identified.

The accident remains under investigation.

The Parkway East and 2nd Avenue were closed for several hours after the incident.
I'm not sure I've ever heard of something more harrowing.

A mutual friend shared this sweet message, above, about Landen. 

And a friend of mine who attended Mark Fisher Fitness told me this: 
Devastating news! Of course he was trying to help someone. He was such a sweet guy. The MFF community is shook.



Stephen said...

What a nightmare and so sad.

jaragon said...

Very sad news

BruinHikerGJ said...

Landen was one of the most talented singers I ever had the pleasure of teaching … he was innately musical and passionate in his performances. His lyric tenor voice was lovely and his performances of Jesus/Superstar and as the Governor/Candide will forever be memories I cherish. His untimely death is a horrible tragedy and brings to mind Cordelia's lament in King Lear -- "We are not the first who with best meaning have incurred the worst."

Dr. Jack Delmore, Emeriti Prof. Music/Music Theatre
Colorado Mesa University,
Grand Junction, CO